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Learns in authentic media: audio

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Audio looks complicated, but it’s not*

The podcast¹ 43words produces has listeners across all seven global continents, and is a solid test-case illustrating why you might evaluate audio as an integral part of your brand communications plans.

Coming up on a year gathering every fortnight around a table with innovators, creatives and social enterprisers from Christchurch New Zealand, what have we learned in that time?

Control: Own the message

There’s a one-sided media fight ongoing all over the world presently, between established/incumbent media entities; think newspapers, TV stations, the music and film industries, and the one-way creative destruction being wrought by ‘the digital’.

While having huge respect for the legacies those incumbents imagine they can rest on, the inevitability of their attention decline is writ large across media creation and consumption pattern shifts.

Across all media formats the collision of frictionless digital networks with an explosion in decentralised content production means a bewildering pace of exponential (more and more rapid) change.

So, may I humbly suggest that instead of trusting your message to external self-interests, you simply own your message, means of production and means of delivery? Or, at the very least be aware of the power-shift, and make plans for the transition.

Humans: Telling the people story

Consumers are generally nosey folk, wanting to know more about people of interest in relevant spheres of influence. What makes those people tick, what got them to where they are now, why they do what they do? So, ask them and capture the answers. Continue reading


Making S**t Happen

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Title inspiration c/o Quad cowork. Image: ©43words 2016 all rights reserved

A.k.a. Adventures in authentic media

Conversation surrounding audience engagement resonates strongly. Inspired by formative audio adventures with a dictaphone, and fascinated by the longevity and power of a niche publishing format, last winter I pressed record (and publish) on a new project [via iTunes].

Move along, nothing to see here

Podcasting: the beauty of words you can’t see (there, not here). Focused on innovators, creatives and social enterprisers from Christchurch NZ, the presently gentle breeze of listenership cossets sails hoisted via digital networked ‘radio’; which the late, great Terry Wogan is attributed to having described as:

“Television contracts the imagination and radio expands it.”

With the digital dividend (and divide) throwing up both huge challenges and a degree of democratisation, the ability to produce and publish an ‘internet radio show’ has been one of the fun-est projects of recent memory. Sitting around a table with incredible people talking about their work, as compelling long-form content fed directly into your brain.

While you’re gardening, or driving, at the gym. Wherever. You. Want.

Three challenges

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twice – two weeks in creative endeavour


Episode #7: Not Everyday Sexism

A podcast about people involved with social enterprise and creativity from Christchurch, New Zealand.

‘twice’ hosts and guests gather fortnightly to discuss current and upcoming projects, events and happenings, then dive into a couple diverse topics accompanied by craft beer.

This week: Jason Pemberton – social enterprise governance specialist; and impromptu guest Jess MacDonald – co-lead for Live The Dream Christchurch join guest co-host Erin Jackson and David. Discussion started with overcoming everyday sexism, then a deeper dive into social enterprise ecosystems, and rounded out with personal perspectives on technology. Continue reading