Video: A month of video content from NZ$999

Delighted to soft-launch a new product I’ve been trialling recently. Simply, you receive a ‘hero’ video to support your brands’ or organisations’ content marketing plans, and additionally a folder of video, stills and other immediately useful assets to spread across your existing marcomms channels.

Here’s the ‘hero’ video I recently produced for One Percent Collective.¬†Within the assets folder supplied you’ll have easily enough content to make your monthly content plan shine, (you’ve got a content plan, right?*).

The above video was captured for Pat at One Percent Collective, a charity supporting other charities by directing 1% of donors salaries to their preferred, and carefully screened, local charities. It’s a great model, and one that I chatted with Pat about in more detail over on the ‘love not money’ digital radio show I produce:


Why ‘from NZ$999’? Well, I can make this improbably small fee sustainable by:

  • Retaining complete creative freedom/discretion.
  • Making it available only to impact-based organisations and charities, who otherwise might not be able to afford any high quality video content at all.
  • Limiting the quantity of this product available at any one time to three.
  • Containing video capture to one time-based event of 1-2 hours maximum.

Wellington region-based organisations and businesses enquire below.

  • If you’ve not got a content plan organised, I’d be pleased to help there too. Strategically planning and organising the focus, themes, media, and distribution platforms for your audiences is a speciality. Engaging content is so much more than a Facebook post!

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