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A.k.a. Adventures in authentic media

Conversation surrounding audience engagement resonates strongly. Inspired by formative audio adventures with a dictaphone, and fascinated by the longevity and power of a niche publishing format, last winter I pressed record (and publish) on a new project [via iTunes].

Move along, nothing to see here

Podcasting: the beauty of words you can’t see (there, not here). Focused on innovators, creatives and social enterprisers from Christchurch NZ, the presently gentle breeze of listenership cossets sails hoisted via digital networked ‘radio’; which the late, great Terry Wogan is attributed to having described as:

“Television contracts the imagination and radio expands it.”

With the digital dividend (and divide) throwing up both huge challenges and a degree of democratisation, the ability to produce and publish an ‘internet radio show’ has been one of the fun-est projects of recent memory. Sitting around a table with incredible people talking about their work, as compelling long-form content fed directly into your brain.

While you’re gardening, or driving, at the gym. Wherever. You. Want.

Three challenges

Firstly, finding, scheduling and re-scheduling guests and co-hosts. While there’s no shortage of people with amazing stories to share, the chicken vs egg situation of having to pitch something you can’t see to people who don’t (yet) listen to podcasts can be an intriguing ‘dance’.

Secondly, building a robust format that is replicable, sufficiently engaging and entertaining for repeat listeners, and fun for participants. My hand in creating the ‘twiCE’ two weeks in creative endeavour format of ‘two each of: guests, topics, co-hosts, beers and weeks’ was likely happy accident (with valued input from others) rather than conscious intent. I’d like to consider the guesting experience neutral at worst, and a super-fun conversation at best, which hopefully shines through in the interviews.

Thirdly, technical audio quality that doesn’t make listeners reel in horror. For someone with absolutely zero audio recording and production experience prior to this adventure, I’m learning a huge amount about the combination of capturing quality input, and delivering constantly improving quality output for publication. And there’s a whole new vocabulary of toys to discover…

Episode 17 records tomorrow with first-time guests Janne Willems and Paul Richardson. Regular co-host Jaya Gibson brings a heap of perspective, wisdom and design nous to the table, alongside contributing to the entertaining irreverence critical to engaging with existing and new audiences.

You’re invited!

Innovator, Creative or Social Enterpriser? We’d love for you to be a future guest. Go longer form on your professional practice, reach a growing globally-based audience, taste beer* and have an enjoyable experience in audio storytelling. Like a free advert for your organisation, but one that’s not actually an advert at all. More, the ability to reveal the what, why and how of the people driving effective social impact and change.

*Beer or whisky tasting not obligatory, but it acts as a lighter break between the generally deeper dives of topical topics.

Ain’t gotten nuffink’ to lose!


Twitter: @twicepodcast

twiCE podcast — two weeks in creative endeavour. Two each of: guests, topics, refreshments, co-hosts; every two weeks. Lively conversation around and about innovation, creativity and social enterprise, interspersed with liquid refreshment. From Christchurch, New Zealand.

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