Fronting Up

Standing up and presenting in front of a bunch of strangers is… well, it’s strange. They give you their time, and in exchange you attempt to deliver value for them.

The ‘strange fish’ of presentations are not how you’d speak normally. Concision with precision reaps rewards, where normal to and fro’s twist and wind.

While campaigning to take an axe to adages, practice truly does make ‘less imperfect’, alongside simplicity and economy of wordiage. Realising five minutes is in fact many, many seconds. Letting the words, and the presenter, breathe some.

What did I learn? Say less to engage more. Succinct succeeds where word mazes stumble. Stay comfortably within time, and be pleasantly surprised when questions roll in, and on.

Realising that I’m enjoying myself; the challenge faced, the crowd on and by my side, the message embedded in the right places. Early tales of ‘authentic media’ finding a home in new heads and minds. Perhaps in a few hearts.

Smiling faces and beer. Did I say it was in a ‘Beer Library’?

Fronting Up – on Medium


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