NZ Top Shop awards

“Simply vote for the retailer that you think delivers a great customer experience”.

RetailNZ quote.

Unfortunately the behemoth that is Amazon doesn’t feature anywhere on the RetailNZ Top Shops’ nomination list. 

Life can be so confusing, as I really tried very hard indeed to support any local retailer who could supply a mainstream generic sportswear item for any price (including NZ GST). Sadly, both offline and online retail didn’t have what I wanted in stock, and didn’t provide anything close to customer experience.

To be crystal clear here; I was ready to make a purchase (way beyond making a purchase decision) for significantly more than the offshore price, and had exhausted (beyond all reasonable time and effort) all local options. NZ retailers forced me to shop offshore, not for a better price or wider choice, but simply for superior customer experience and service.

The only way local retailers can compete in a global marketplace is with a truly amazing customer experience. In this case, the ‘e-fairness’ ‘debate/ lobby’ is a smokescreen missing the point for NZ-local retail efforts, and serves the (valid) interests of retailers while further alienating consumers. Just because a law may be passed into Statute, degrees of enforcement tend to be a truer measure for the population. Or should that be ‘the consumer’?

Definitions (somewhat tongue in cheek):

Customer – in this case the retailer is the customer of RetailNZ.

Consumer – the one who pays the wages of both customer and RetailNZ.

Market – where to buy stuff; now global and without borders.

Lobby – see ‘Hotel’, ‘industry body’, ‘bend the ear of government’.


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