Clash of the Titans

” …overnight someone’s built a new type of store that completely envelops yours – in every direction.” Or why you should diversify the delivery of your business social media messages.

Say you’re an established retailer, bricks and mortar style. in the game for a while, know your customers pretty well, have plenty of repeat business/ created loyalty amongst the fickle hordes. Got your social media dialled, your direct mail turned direct email newsletter humming along nicely. Friendly, professional staff who are also pretty loyal. Niche carved out nicely, know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors offers, and generally reckon that you can be resilient to new threats. Pretty happy with how it’s all going, you might even say that you bring some degree of benevolence to the community, supporting local clubs and teams, events and fundraisers.

Today you walk to your shop and attempt to open the doors, to keep the profitable income stream flowing, the steady empire build on track. However, overnight someone’s built a new type of store that completely envelops yours – in every direction and in whatever way you look at it. It’s made out of a unique foggy material that both allows YOUR customers to get to you, but makes it all too hard basket to do so. You don’t know whether to be petrified, or admiring of the audacity of a known disruptive competitor.

Your steady river has run dry, been turned down to a distant trickle, made irrelevant in one fell swoop. The ambush is complete. Your customers can still get to you, but they don’t feel the need anymore as your garden is behind a very tall wall, their loudspeakers blaring out noisier messages, their messages arriving before yours inside a new type of business you’ve no defence against. You imagine the planning laws will have something to say about it, but your lawyer sighs, saying there aren’t any laws concerning fog..

That day is now, and that construct is Facebook Home on Android. You are Google and every other retailer who relies on social media integration. How many eggs, how many baskets? Will be fascinating to watch how this one pans out. I’ll definitely be reading up on my Greek mythology for this ‘Clash of Titans’.

©David Binstead 2013.

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