Can you feel the force?

“ insurance, without the silly suit and endless paperwork”.

Wednesday mornings the force is strong. It has to be, to summon willpower to wake, rise, and head to the ‘office’. At 5am. For some too early, but still they come. Sometimes in droves out of all proportion to the time of day. Loyal to the cause, their cause, their time. An ever-changing guest list of regulars, newbies, oldies (longstanding clients, not their age..) and wildcards. Gotta love the wildcards.. you know who you are!

Dark for a long time, with hard graft measured out in yards, or is that the other way round? Gone in 50 minutes, like a (sweaty, breathy) flash. The elusive ebb and flow of enthusiasm, commitment and energy (theirs and even sometimes mine) while life goes on all around. The daily grind, chasing goals, aspirations and dreams. Forgotten for a few brief moments in time, in sweat, effort, and loaded sinew. Simplicity in honest toil, with the bonus of maintaining fitness for life’s other pursuits. A cool form of life insurance, without the silly suit and endless paperwork.

Gotta love rituals, those usually gentle foibles marking out our day, our week, our lives. This is one of mine, since living in NZ from early 2006. As a client, then stepping gingerly into the (very) big gap left by a World-class Jodo athlete, as instructor. Part of the fitness family, the wellness tree, the moving meditators. Stillness of a kind, in the unlikeliest of places.

In me they entrust ‘done in an hour’ (fitness) goals. We have fun we do, every week a different focus, moves, content, pace, challenges. All overlaid with odd Pommie humour, gentle and encouraging sarcasm, and silly noises. I’m committed to them too, even through the early starts. Giving as much as you get goes both ways.

Wednesday 6.10am circuit. Pioneer Leisure Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand – since May 2009.

43words ©David Binstead 2012.

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