Me love you long time..


It’s not often that individuals, or companies and organisations can afford to take the long view. We’re bound by ‘now, now, now’ decisions, judgements, and stuff flying past our desks at a million pixels a second. The quote from Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film is fitting; we expect instant gratification, so brands deliver.. Transactions fit for an Emperor, with imported clothes..

We take the short view, the now view, the ‘it’s ok, even if the views turn out wrong, there’ll be a whole heap of others along very soon to cover this view with’.

We rush and race, go for quantity and not quality. Perhaps it’s time for a change? Not necessarily the old ways, but values like quality, longevity, and dependability deserve a place at the centre of our lives. Don’t they?

43words ©David Binstead 2012. All rights reserved

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