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Internal project – Digital radio

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‘twice’: two weeks in creative endeavour

Two weeks in creative endeavour shares founder stories and insights from social enterprisers, creatives and innovators every two weeks. Two guests, topics, co-hosts, refreshments and weeks. 60 minutes, fortnightly since August 2015.

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How our work fits with yours:

  • Event coverage:
    • Capturing the essence of your event
    • Compelling testimonials and highlights
  • Opinion pieces
  • Editorial (across audio and video)
  • Reporter/presenter led interviews/conversations
  • Scripted audio features
  • Self contained stories or case studies
  • User generated content
  • Voiceovers, Vox pops
  • Media training and workshops

Our competitive advantages:

  • Value for quality: outputs aligned to outcomes
  • All media formats available: written, static images, audio and video formats
  • Positive reality to reflect your organisational and business goals
  • Quick turnaround (with prior agreement)
  • Quality editing and post-production
  • Content management and publishing

Authentic human media for a digital world

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